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At Arsenij Nexus, our 150 experts excel in neural network tech, crafting tailored AI solutions, and harnessing predictive analytics for transformative projects across healthcare, finance, education, and entertainment sectors.

Driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to ethical practices, Arsenij Nexus upholds the highest standards in global compliance across all our endeavors, ensuring the trust and satisfaction of our clients and partners.

Having served a diverse client base, including those in healthcare, finance, education, and entertainment sectors, Arsenij Nexus has a proven track record of delivering tailored mobile apps, AI subscriptions, and licensing solutions.

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Our Core Ethos: Pioneering AI Innovation with Integrity

Uncover the values that drive our Hamburg-based team’s commitment to excellence in AI technology and mobile app innovation.


At the forefront of AI and mobile app development, Arsenij Nexus is dedicated to creating applications that set new standards in user engagement and technological excellence.



Arsenij Nexus adheres to stringent GDPR standards and ethical AI use, establishing trust with global clients through transparent practices.



Our collaborations with industry leaders and academic institutions worldwide fuel our journey in pioneering advanced AI-driven solutions.

Key Historical Milestones


2011 – Foundation for the Future

Arsenij Nexus was established in Hamburg, Germany, marking the inception of a new era in mobile application development and AI technology innovation.


2012 – Digital Health Advancement

Arsenij Nexus developed ‘MedInSync’, an AI-assisted platform for secure and compliant health data integration, enabling seamless patient care coordination between various health providers in Germany.


2013 – Educational Technology Breakthrough

Arsenij Nexus introduced ‘EduGate’, a digital learning environment approved by the Federal Ministry of Education, providing adaptive learning tools to complement the teaching strategies in German schools and support differentiated instruction.


2014 – Financial Analytics Innovation

Arsenij Nexus launched ‘FinAIze’, a financial analytics tool co-developed with leading German financial institutions, designed to enhance economic research and risk assessment without direct real-time market intervention.


2015 – Health Data Intelligence

In partnership with prominent medical research institutions in Germany, Arsenij Nexus unveiled ‘HealthPulse’, a sophisticated AI-powered tool to analyze and visualize health data trends, supporting preemptive healthcare strategies and medical research.


2016 – Strategic Acquisition of Degraf-3000 ALX

Arsenij Nexus strategically acquired Degraf-3000 ALX, expanding capabilities and market share in the AI technology sector.


2017 – CraftingSkills Platform Launch

In collaboration with the German Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Arsenij Nexus launched CraftingSkills, an innovative smart platform designed to align employee skills with evolving employer needs.


2018 – Advancement in Security Tech

Partnered with Israel’s ‘Etgar’, the Association of Private Security Agencies, we developed DronoStop, a compact intelligent drone control system for urban applications, enhancing security measures and operational efficiency.


2019 – Pioneering Environmental Protection

Commissioned by the EU’s DG Environment, Arsenij Nexus introduced Osiris, an autonomous system utilizing AI for the monitoring and prevention of forest fires, demonstrating our commitment to environmental sustainability.


2020 – SocialHub Platform Development

The German Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs adopted our SocialHub platform, a trailblazing AI-driven tool that fosters information exchange between households, social services, and authorities to address social issues effectively.


2021 – Innovating in Logistics

The European Logistics Association (ELA) embraced Corsar, our intelligent system designed to revolutionize organizational and information logistics, reflecting our continued leadership in AI-driven logistics solutions.


2022 – CrossChinaWeb Platform Beta Release

Arsenij Nexus launched the beta version of CrossChinaWeb (CCW), a smart navigation guide for EU residents exploring the Chinese internet segment, showcasing our expertise in cross-cultural technological integrations.


2023 – Acquisition by Ping An Technology (平安科技)

In a landmark development, Arsenij Nexus was fully acquired by Ping An Technology, poised to scale new heights in the AI and tech industry on a global scale.



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